I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and cafés.

Let's go...

drink a coffee...

...and watch the sun set.


I obviously never post on here, but I have been posting my photography on my new website, so if you could check it out / share it, that would be so amazing! Thanks guys!



Some memories of the weekend.

Madison, Lily and I went up to Paonia, the little hippie town I used to live in, for a few nights.
We stayed at my grandparents' farm, drank cider at a bluegrass concert in an orchard, and embraced our grimy, Chaco-clad toes.
All I've wanted to do lately is wear my comfy elephant hippie pants and Chaco sandals and groove to folk music and lay in fields, so this weekend was perfect for that.
Now I just have to make it through finals and the last few weeks of torture before heading off to Berlin for the summer. School is getting harder and harder to care about.

Hope everyone is well!



unknown source

wipe the dust off the sill.
drag open the windows.
go outside. 
collect leaves. 
pack away the wool. 
pedal to the market. 

I've decided to start blogging again. I think it is a good creative outlet; it is a lot easier to post some things here than in my journal. I am not going to say how often I'll try to post so as not to stress myself out. Let's see how it goes?

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