I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and cafés.


 Disposable camera used from August to November. Apparently 2 didn't turn out cause I never got them :( So really 25 kodak moments hahaha.

a friend of my sister's

 The same friend...

wow guess what it's me pre-bangs ew

 Probably my favorites...

 My friend Clare and our giannnnttt milkshakes at a diner downtown

a hotel downtown

 eating in our lunch tree

 on the way into town

 my beloved thrifted lunchbox

 Clare's adorable shoes! It's funny cause I was reading through my posts the other day and on my first day of school one I'm all like "There's this girl with supercute oxfords and curly whiteish hair that seems nice" hahaha

 Clare's hair lookin cute

 Lily making a leaf angel haha

 aren't I attractive?

 favorite sweater..

 Clare in one of her cute little outfits

 Lily in the fort we made

Christmas lights...pretty self explanatory...

 Gorgeous sky on my bike ride to school

 out in the desert. 

 I am just wayy too cool. 

Vintage ads on the side of a building in Salida on the way to Denver. 

I really like how most of them turned out, but I can't really decide if it was worth the $20 that they cost (8 for the camera, 12 to develop). So I probably won't get another one since I have a film camera...



  1. These are great! I like the ones you said were your favorites the best, but I love allll of them.

  2. Wow, these are fantastic!! I especially love the motel ones and the ones you said are your favorites. I absolutely adore all of these, you're a wonderful photographer! Would you mind if I used a few of these on my blog in an inspiration post? I'd credit you, of course :) They're just perfect and are totally fitting the vibe I'm feeling!

    Psychedelic Daisy


    1. Awh, thank you so much!!! And OF COURSE you can use them on your blog, I'd be honored haha :) xx


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