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Wow. This movie is gorgeous.
Last night I was scrolling through my imdb "Watchlist", and this was one of the films it recommended for me. I was going to watch a movie about love in Paris, because I have been having a little Paris obsession moment lately, but I decided to watch this instead (imagine how happy I was when they went to Paris!!!).  It's a classy, beautifully done, Lolita-like coming of age story. Watch it.

The main character in this story is Jenny, a 16-year-old schoolgirl living in London. Her dad is very intent on her getting into Oxford, and therefore does not allow her to sing along to the french records she loves, nevertheless go out after dark. Jenny plays the cello and wears an adorable school uniform, which makes me want to have one. She is played by über-perf Carey Mulligan, who just creates the best, most relatable character ever.

an education look 1
Education is the greatest weapon.
I didn't make this one, it just thought that it's soooo cute and I want the outfit and yea it has the vibes I'm feelin right now!!

pretty cute right? 

I love how she's alwayyys smoking

So then she is waiting at the bus stop after school, and a man drives up and offers to give her a ride because he doesn't want her cello to get ruined. He takes her home, and then a few days later he drops off some good luck flowers for Jenny's concert she was telling him about. That weekend, Jenny is with her friends and runs into him. He then invites her to come see a concert with him and his friends. Jenny is sure that her parents won't let her, but David wins them over with his charm and lies. Later, he convinces Jenny's parents to let him take her to Oxford, and then Paris. They fall in love. And this guy is about twice Jenny's age.

One of Davids friends (Rosamund Pike) is practically the epitome of 60's class. She wears tons of diamonds and fur and has a very Bridgette Bardot look that I love. She gives Jenny a little makeover and gives her some of her many dresses.

an education look 2
One of her looks

Jenny reinvented.

Then things happen, things are discovered. I don't want to give anything away, so you all have to go watch the movie. Really. It's great. They go to Paris and eat good food and drink wine and smoke cigarettes. Come on. I also was pretty proud to find that David has the same camera that I do hahahaha :)

Some great quotes from the film:

Jenny: I'm going to read what I want, and listen to what I want, and I'm going to look at paintings and watch French films, and I'm gonna talk to people who know lots about lots.

Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone. 

Jenny: David and I won't be getting married in a church. He's Jewish. 
Headmistress: He's a Jew? You're aware, I take it, that the Jews killed our Lord? 
Jenny: And you're aware, I suppose, that our Lord was Jewish? 

David: Why don't we practice with a banana, get the dirty part over with. 
Jenny: I don't want to lose my virginity to a piece of fruit. 

An education

I found this set on Polyvore, and love it sososososososo much. The picture in the top left is actually from the last scene in An Education, so I think it was inspired by the film. I reallyyyy want some baggy pants and a black cableknit and chanel perfume and a lacy black bra. No, I just want to go to Paris again. (last time I went I was 9) 

What I'm listening to:

Today I'm wearing an outfit inspired by all of this, but I took pictures of it on my film camera, so It may be a while before you see it. I only have 4 pictures left on it though! I will probably get both that film and my disposable developed sometime this week. I have sooo much homework to do but I don't care right now at all. I am about to go to the flea market and then my friend Lily is coming over and we are going to do a little craft project, more on that later ;) 



  1. ah yes! i love this film!!! it makes me want to live in london D:
    lovely images!

    - - - - -


  2. I'm obsessed with Paris too & the film sounds great.

  3. I intended to buy An Education and after I read this I am DEFINITELY going to do it now. Thanks! xxx

  4. such a good movie! carey mulligan is the cutest. I love when they walk through Paris, it's like a dream. That dress and those sunglasses she wears during those scenes are to die for.

  5. I love this post! My favorite is the school girl outfit.

  6. Cool! Did you ever saw film Factory girl? It's awesome- I think you would like it as well :) xx

    1. no i haven't...but i will check it out now for sure! thank you :) xx

  7. Oh gosh, I remember when this came out I really wanted to see it but never got around to it. Definitely better give this a watch now. Adore Carey Mulligan! ;)
    xo TJ

  8. that's a very beautiful movie - love it.
    would you like to follow each other?


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