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A few days ago I went to the flea market for the first time here...I never thought it might be even the slightest bit interesting, but there were a couple of good stands! I got some saddle shoes, finally, for $5. I need some frilly socks to wear them with. They fit the season perfectly, because they are so schoolgirl-y, but I can't decide what they look good with.... here is some inspiration I found in various places, sorry I don't know all of the sources!

 love them with sheer stockings! <3

 perfect schoolgirl look!

 I need to post pictures of me in my mom's old cheerleading outfits!!

from here

 Gilmore Girls

...and Lolita, of course!

Here are mine and some outifits:

thrifted vest, "upcycled" shorts, black lace skirt unknown, thrifted jacket

I know, I reallyyy need a tripod cause these mirror pictures are horrible, but that means money and I have none of that...
I also sorta tried the "denim on denim" look. I love how 80's it is, but sometimes it looks too 80's! 


But of course Marilyn and Madonna make it look amazing!


I wish somebody read this blog and commented on my posts...

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  1. HEY I'VE GOT THE SAME SHOES! I even posted them in my outfit today! And keep working, girl, link your blog everywhere and don't be afraid to contact people! You are beautiful! I really like the first look.



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