I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and cafés.


Some of the things I've done in my journal since I last posted about it. 

 guess who! I actually drew this more towards the beginning of last year. 

Picture from Nylon magazine, random quote. 

"The Golden Girls" flyer from San Francisco, blackout poem (save a wish, christmas is near). I was really lucky to find a page that had the word Christmas on it in my December chapter!

shoes from who-knows-where that I realllyyyy love and a quick drawing of my hand

photo from Nylon and a poem I wrote recently when I had to for English class

a horoscope from the free people blog that expressed perfectly what I was feeling that week, a page full of circles

drawing of my camera that I also did towards the beginning of last year

watercolour of an eye that I did last night, beautiful words from one of the journal entries submitted to Rookie, I'm not sure if that's the original source or what

winter outfit ideas for school

more outfit ideas

pages from my november chapter

Got bored and drew random stuff on my ipod

my life, picture from Nylon with a random little thought from me

Let me know what you think!


P.S. It was only 10  degrees fahrenheit today here so stay warm! (unless you're lucky and live in Australia or somewhere else that's warm right now)


  1. I love these journal entries!! Excellent and pretty and just groovin.
    And about the weather - I live in Australia, HA they lied it's actually freezing where I live for the next couple of days (until Thursday when it's randomly going to be 37 degrees celsius wut) and the hottest parts are those that are a lot less inhabited. Sadly. But stay warm! Winter rocks xx

  2. Your poem you wrote for English class is beautiful and so are the words from the Rookie journal submission. I love all these journal entries. Do you think you could send me the links to your other posts with pictures from your journal because I love them? <3


  3. Oh, these are all so perfect! I love the drawings and the poem and the watercolor... Where did you get the idea to make your journal inside an old book? :)

    1. thanks :3 xx

      I actually stole the idea from a friend of mine at school...hers is a lot different tho :)

  4. Seeing these put my journal to SHAME! B e a uuutiful

    Rosie x

  5. your journal is amazingly gorgeous. and i love your little outfit drawings.

  6. you are talented! especially tavi gevinson is liked by me. :)

  7. Your journal is amazing!!!! That watercolour of an eye is so pretty and I love your drawing of tavi!!!!!! You are such a rebel to black out pages of books, I have only just brung myself to cut out pictures of unused books about kites and crystals.
    Ps: I live in Australia and sometimes I wish it was cold. :)

  8. You have some talent here, keep it up.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!



  9. aw cute journal xx

  10. This is amazing, very inspiring! I am putting you in my "inspirations" tab :)



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