I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and cafés.

Let's go...

drink a coffee...

...and watch the sun set.


When I'm at home in the afternoon, procrastinating about my homework once again, I love peeking into all our envelopes stuffed with photos-especially the ones of my parents back in the good ole' days when everything was faded and perfect. yep. So today I finally brought up our scanner and scanned some of my favorites. These all have a certain vintage summertime technicolor dreamy vibe that I'm just in love with at the moment, in case you can't tell from my tumblr...

 my mom and her boyfriend in 8th grade! Just look at her hair and dress and gloves and the background color omigod. 

My daddy looking adorable when he was a paper boy
 blue perfection at Big Sur in the early 90's

 perfect roadtrip-y retro-ness 
 mom in high school. those bangs...

 mom and her older brother. the colors. speechless. 
My grandma, her brother and somebody else....

 Me and a friend being cute

Anyways. Not that anyone reads this blog but sorry I haven't been posting. I've been trying to make friends (hahaha) and survive gym class (there are these huge senior guys that could probably crush me!). My mom wants me to do a sport. Yeah, right. There is no way I'm doing anything that involves running or getting sweaty. 

I just remembered that tomorrow is picture day at school. If only I could look like my 5...then I might look forward to it! 



          So today was my first day of high school....and I practically didn't know ANYBODY and so it was sorta was disappointing. I mean, the teachers were all super cool and everybody seemed nice...but they all had friends already and would talk to me for 5 minutes, but then probably decide I was boring and leave. At the very beginning of the day all the freshmen and sophomores had to meet in the gym on the bleachers. Of course i didn't know where to sit so I just sat by some girl because her bangs were pink and she looked cool....but obviously she was a sophomore and barely talked to me.
          And thennn for the rest of the day we just had to sit around and talk about the school's goal or do some stupid activities. There was one girl that had cute oxfords on and really pretty curly almost white hair and we hung out quite a bit, but she still kept on going back to her friends. She is in a few of my classes so that's good. Also there was a sophomore that was new and didn't have any friends so I sat with her at lunch.
          Tomorrow should be better because I actually have classes. They weren't any girls in flower crowns and saddle shoes that i instantly became best friends with like I had hoped. Oh well...


thrifted shirt and skirt, h&m belt

The girl in the pictures is my little sister's best friend, Iris. I love her almost-white hair! She is always over at our house and yesterday she wanted me to do her makeup. "Make it look good this time!"  she said; you can tell I am amazing at makeup. She loved her hair and thought that she looked like a "doll gone insane", so then we decided to dress her up to play the part. Surprisingly, she fit into my clothes! I took some pictures of her, (no, not with a Polaroid, sadly. I downloaded something from the internet that makes photos look like Polaroids.) she did a decent job modeling, and then we went swimming and tried to wash off her makeup. 

There is a song by Marina and the Diamonds called Valley of the Dolls, and I thought it would work for the title of this post. I knew that "Valley of the Dolls" is a movie, so I got curious and looked up the trailer. I thought it was funny that the top comment was "Marina brought me here".

I am still trying to decide what to wear on the first day of school. It would be nice if somebody followed me.

Lydia xx


A few days ago I went to the flea market for the first time here...I never thought it might be even the slightest bit interesting, but there were a couple of good stands! I got some saddle shoes, finally, for $5. I need some frilly socks to wear them with. They fit the season perfectly, because they are so schoolgirl-y, but I can't decide what they look good with.... here is some inspiration I found in various places, sorry I don't know all of the sources!

 love them with sheer stockings! <3

 perfect schoolgirl look!

 I need to post pictures of me in my mom's old cheerleading outfits!!

from here

 Gilmore Girls

...and Lolita, of course!

Here are mine and some outifits:

thrifted vest, "upcycled" shorts, black lace skirt unknown, thrifted jacket

I know, I reallyyy need a tripod cause these mirror pictures are horrible, but that means money and I have none of that...
I also sorta tried the "denim on denim" look. I love how 80's it is, but sometimes it looks too 80's! 


But of course Marilyn and Madonna make it look amazing!


I wish somebody read this blog and commented on my posts...


Today I've been sooo bored that I actually persuaded myself to get off of tumblr, stop watching Ellen videos and do something creative.  I did a painted copy of a photograph that I saw somewhere with acrylic paints because I'm sorta horrible at painting and needed practice. It didn't turn out too bad but the blending is outrageous and the colors are off. Thhheeennnn I tried to come up with an outfit for the first day of school...in a week omg so nervous. I hardly know anybody and it's scary. I was not succesful by the way, so if you have any ideas that would be great.

While looking through my closet I came across this shirt I got in the men's section at Cotton On a while ago; it's way too long so I never really wear it. I have been wanting to make a skull cut out shirt for a while now so I finally did that.

My inspiration-unknown source

Me trying to mimik the first picture exactly...sorry for the horrible quality!

 with a bandeau and floral shorts 

the front after I cut off the bottom. Should I cut the neckline/collar? 

Anyways there are sooo many more DIYs that I really want to do but I need to go thrifting and find my glue gun first...


Shorts-thirfted and then cut

skirt-flea market!

Soooo hiya here's just a simple sorta outfit post, I dyed my hair :S Everybody-like even the guy at Walgreens printing my photos and my orthodontist- like it, and I guess I do too...Anyways I don't feel like writing anything soooo bye. x





I've been like, overly obsessed with the whole vibe around "the American West" or old "Hollywood Glamour". If you look at my tumblr you'll understand. Just that retro sorta 50's feel; tons of palm trees, neon signs, motels, electrical wires and highways. This is probably the reason why I'm soooo in love with Lana del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds! Both of their styles-both musical and fashions- are really interesting and definitely have that Hollywood Glamour/American Dreamy feel that I love. Here is some inspiration from tumblr (I drew the last one) concerning the same topic....I'm going to put an outfit together soon! (yeaaaa, right.)

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