I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and cafés.

Let's go...

drink a coffee...

...and watch the sun set.


cashmere sweater
and a messy bun

laying in bed.
surround me,
sunlight drifting
through the curtain,

not comprehending.
staring at the
particles of dust
in the glittering
shaft of light.

the echo of 
a lawnmower 
blocks away
drowning in 
october warmth.
imagine a

at the edge 
of a dream,
that sunday 
afternoon haze
surrounds me
as the sun 
behind a cloud,
I sleep.

My bed and a out-of-the-blue poem.


So I'm just going to skip my many reasons for not posting...unless somebody reallyyy wants to hear about all of my homework-which I can't seem to get done anyways.

I'm going to try not to post very much so that I have more things to post later.

So these are all from this weekend, when my whole family and tons of family friends all went up to my grandparent's house a few hours away. In my family there is this 150 or so year old apple cider press, so every year we pick apples and make gallons and gallons of cider! It was really fun but my 2 cousins each brought 3 friends, so I didn't get to hang out with them. Luckily, one of my very bestest friends Siena was in town and so we hung out the whole time. I haven't gotten to see her very much since we moved back to Colorado, so it was great to talk to her. We also went to the diner there, which I loveee, but I'm not going to post those yet because of the for-mentioned reason.

Wow, this is tough...but that's going to be all for today. I'm going to make some drafts of upcoming posts though. So you have something to look forward to.



Photos I took this weekend about an hour away from where I live.

The skies are so big around here...as boring as it may be it sure is beautiful! 
(Durango, where I live, is actually right on the border between desert and mountains so it looks a lot different than the above)

My dad suggested we do some photo shoots with my sister's new dress that we found in an antique store. 

I especially like my pictures of the highway...but which edit? The last of the three is the original.

I haven't been posting solely because of the lack of time I seem to be having lately. 

I am currently watching New girl and searching Etsy for pea coats and detachable collars.




More Fall Vibes today...

 Totally gonna copy this idea + braids!


omg guess who?! 

 Ermergerrrd looking at Bullet Magazine and saw Berlin...miss it sooo much :'(

Perfect Fall feel


 friends and I taking pictures in the old "photoautomaten" in Berlin <3

 A old postcard I found in one of my parents' books

  postcards from an art exhibit in Berlin

 Some friends and I- there was this awesome temporary exhibit that had a "silhouette camera" in Berlin

 A sketch I did a realllyyy long time ago

 from a gallery here(!) in Colorado somewhere

 my daddy's cool doodles in the back of my sketchbook

 business card from my favorite bookstore in Berlin

 My silhouette that this little old man just cut out in 5 minutes with tiny scissors in Tel Aviv

pages from my old sketchbook...about a year ago according to the dates in the corners 



You know, just some ~vibes~ 

All pictures are from tumblr except the last one, which I took last year in Berlin
...I know some of the sources but I"m too lazy at the moment and should be doing homework.

I"m depressed looking at some of your photos because none of my friends here read Rookie (even though I told them about it it's not the same you know? They don't really get it.). They are some girls at school that look like ~Rookies~ and wear peter pan collars and grandma skirts but I don't really want to just go up to them and be all "Hey gurl I like your shoes. Just wondering, do you read Rookie?" because I don't even know if they are in my grade and argggg why is life so hard this is such a long sentence but oh well what do you lovelies think? 

But really, I haven't taken any pictures of anyone besides my little sister and her friends in like 3 months.

I take that back, today Clare and Lily and I ate lunch in a tree by school and I took some pictures with my disposable.


And everybody thinks that my style is just a German thing and I'm like "NO okay look there are other people in the U.S. that where tights under shorts okay? OKAY?"

So I'm sortaaa freaking out.

What to do, what to do.


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