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Lately I've been thinking a lot about growing up.
Even though I'm only half way through freshman year and all, it seems as if I already need to start thinking about life and college and jobs and all that boring grown up stuff. And the sad thing is, I probably should be! 
I just hate it. 
I can barely decide what kind of cereal to buy, okay?
And recently, I feel like I'm not getting enough out my youth really, like not livin' it up enough, or having the "teenage experience". 
Not that I really want to go out partying every weekend and get super wasted like everybody else in high schools everywhere or anything. 
But at the same time, staying up till morning studying and watching TV all alone on Friday nights isn't all that great either. (actually, I really enjoy it, and laughing with yourself at New Girl is pretty fun too)(I'm not being sarcastic)(or am I?)

Just listen to this song and cry about your social life with me: 
(not that I'm just assuming all of us blogging about flower crowns and James Franco and typewriters wouldn't have a booming social life or anything)
partying all night?
sneaking out?
drinking in the small town firelight? 
stealing police cars?
skipping school?
breaking into hotel pools? 
running from cops in black bikini tops?
It even says freshman.

But instead I decide to care about my grades and eat lunch in the algebra room with my 3 friends,
and then go make snow angles instead of "drinking vodka out of hawaiian punch bottles at like, 11 A.M." (legitimate quote from some idiot in my biology class)(yea, really, stupid I know)

But I feel like maybe I should go to parties and stuff (not that I'm invited or anything, hahaha.), because what if then in like 15 years I'm all like:

So I don't know what to do. 

And Lana and Marina aren't helping.




  1. I love Teen Idle, that is my jam!!!!1


  2. i've been thinking about this a lot, too. what makes a good high school experience? is there even such a thing? because in the end, no one really wants to say that they spent high school sitting in their room getting a perfect GPA, but no one wants to say that they spent them acting dumb and getting wasted.

    try to find a balance. i get a 4.0+ GPA and can still party on the weekends and get into shenanigans. it's not hard. go to a party once in a while, but it's not bad to spend a day watching new girl (who can resist zooey deschanel?) because in the end high school is about running from the cops in your black bikini tops /and/ studying for that math test; it's about drinking vodka from hawaiian punch bottles /and/ making snow angels with your friends. not to say that i'm some kind of weirdo high school philosophy expert, but i've been thinking a lot about this too. i really hope these aren't supposed to be the best years of our lives, but i'm going to be proud to say that i didn't waste them away on the internet or anything, that i went outside and did things i regret, things that sound like something out of a lana del rey song.

    but i dunno, i'm rambling now. out of my current three years of high school, i'd say freshman year was the least-stressful, enjoy it. don't think about college apps or job resumes or scholarships or what kind of cereal you're going to eat until you /have/ to. and who knows, maybe i'm totally wrong about the whole "get into lots of shenanigans in high school" philosophy. but i hope you find your balance!

  3. Hey :D

    Love this post very much <3

    I'm currently a college student and i still don't know where to start, all this "grown up"thingy (I'm not even sure when can we call someone a "grown-up" person..). My friends even have jobs already and I'm here, like, watching movies till 5am. But well, it's okay to be clueless about future, everyone does :)

    About enjoying teenage experience, I love being all wild and not care about tomorrow and be free and that stuff. But it doesn't mean that all we can do to achieve that "state of freedom" is by drinking and partying and destroying ourselves. Do what suits you i guess. Like driving around the city all night with friends (not that you should wear bikini and drink while doing that), impromptu travel trip, or whatever that make you actually feel free but not just for the sake of being wasted.


  4. Yeah, I get what you mean. :/ High school is a lot different than I expected it to be, not because I expected to be invited to any parties, but because it wasn't that much of a change. I don't really know. My friends and I have parties sometimes, but we are nerds and so they are crazy nerd parties and we consume sugar instead of alcohol. I just..ashfdjha, yeah.

  5. So many people seem to feel this way!! I've done the whole meditating on the said subject and have fiiiiiiinally concluded (I think) that really the 'teenage experience' is different to everyone. I feel like what we think it is, is a very pop-culture driven one, supported a lot by television and movies, or whatever. I mean, just go to another part of the world to find out that it can be totally different to so many other people. High school feels like THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER when you're in it but now as I'm slowly but surely approaching the end of it and can start to taste the things beyond it, I'm pleased that I haven't maxed myself out. I mean, some people are into TOTALLY living it up now, but what's going to happen when it's over? I feel like I have some excellent memories, and while they aren't all the typically pushed 'teenage experience' I feel a lot of youthful, adventurous nostalgia.

  6. I can relate to this so much and I love both those songs. For me, the best way to deal with the disappointment of teenage years not living up to expectations is to write about how I wish things were or what I don't wish was happening but would add more exciting drama to my life. I love writing fiction so I just write stories and books and stuff. I also listen to Lana Del Rey and The Smiths to remind myself that there are other people who feel sad and disappointed about certain things in life. Personally, I can't wait to leave school because I think that's when my life will really begin (at least I hope so.) School days better not be the best days of my life... <3

  7. Live each day as it comes, trust me best way to.be!


  8. That's a feeling I live with every day.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!



  9. Ugh, man, "growing up" is the most hostile land to navigate. Like you, I spent the end of my high school years trying to decide between studying and having the Teenage Experience 2.0, and eventually the way I looked at it, you got pretty much one shot at getting into college/uni and x amount of years after high school to party and get totally trashed at the weekend. It's fun once in a while, but the teen experience of coming home and trying to hide your drunkenness from your parents, doing homework the morning that it's due, and cringing over awkward hookups the week later was, well, awkward and a bit strange, really.

    And also, I'm still a teenager and in college and frankly, terrified of adult life. Casual jobs, student loans, and people asking "what do you want to become?" make me want to hide under a blanket and listen to dramatic orchestral music. I'm still waiting for the mystical period of enlightenment when everything will suddenly make sense, thought I definitely agree that while Lana and Marina both seem to commiserate with teenage disillusionment, they aren't really helping. Ah well. Someday.


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