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Oh gosh. 

well happy new year guyyyz!

I know it's been forever since I've last posted and it's bad and I'm not even going to tell you all of the reasons why. 
let's just say I was "spending time with family" okay?

Now. What should I post?

I feel so incredibly uninspired right now. Even though I just looked at all of everybody else's amazing blogs and got depressed. 

I feel like I'm loosing my cool. Or gaining too much of it? Something like that. Like looking at other people's blogs and seeing these fashionable Rookie girls in tutus and tacky sweaters- I love it! And I've associated myself as that kind of person too! But I never, evvverrrr wear things like that to school, even though my outfits are still considered pretty "out there" where I live. I feel like I'm becoming too normal and boring, and not just because I don't where vintage jackets covered in pompoms and pins everyday. It's sort of hard to explain. Maybe I will make a whole post on it some other time. 

Now that that's over with. 

For the past week I've been in San Francisco (well actually some tiny town by the ocean an hour away with some family friends), which was great because I got to go thrift/vintage shopping (even though I din't get much) and ate really good food. 

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My mom and I went to an amazing Goodwill and spent like 2 whole hours trying things on. I ended up with a pair of high-waist jeans, a comfy striped shirt, and this cool black one that I'll take pictures of later. 

Then we went to tons of vintage shops in the Mission (i.e. hip) district. 
There was some cute stuff, but like I was ranting about, I will probably never wear that gorgeous vintage sequined dress or petticoat. 

I was on the search for vintage band/graphic tees, which I didn't find for any reasonable price, sadly. It then became necessary for us to take a trip to Brandy Melville, a relatively trendy store that my parents hate because it's basically some little scraps of fabric with some design for $30. 
Which is true. 
But I realllyyyyy needed  some shirts and I knew they had some cute ones and they only have the store in SF, LA, Berlin and like 2 other places so I forced my family to endure it. 

I got a bod dylan tank that I actually really like....

it obvi doesn't look quite as hot on me...

And this sorta plain tee with an open back:

just because doc martens and skinny legs.

See? Sort of trendy and boring right? but it's what I wear :( somebody help me please.

Before California I was at my grandparents' for Christmas, which was really fun and the whole family was there so that was nice. It snowed the night before Christmas so in the morning it was goooorrrgeous!

 kitty prints <3

 my weirdo cousin...

my other cousin Emma


decent photo of me for once....facebook profile picture yes or no? Now that I self promoted my IG you guys might as well friend me if you want (Lydia Thompson) 

is this one better?

For Christmas I got the doc Martens, a quilt for my bed, a ski pass, some old books from my grandpa, a hand knitted sweater from my grandma, mittens from my aunt and uncle, a sweater from my cousins, and a trip to San Francisco.

I looked everywhere for Lula in SF but couldn't find it ANYWHERE. Does anybody know where to get it in the U.S.?  

Does anybody want to do a care package-pen pal-idk thing by any chance? I thought it might be sorta fun...

if you read all this you're awesome. 

Wishing everybody the best year yet!




  1. Hi !
    I just read the whole entier post and I would love to do a care package pen pal thing with you ! I used to live an hour away from San Francisco , it's a really nice city.

    1. Yay! you can email me lololydia111@gmail.com?


      I got your moonmagic christmas present btw :)

    2. yaaay great you got it!!! i was afraid nobody would get it and the letters would get lost
      (sorry for this)
      and I know exactly what you mean with the clothes and styles and other cool people. It always makes me stressed out.
      and why am i typing this in a reply? ohgod sorry

    3. I sent you an email , I hope you got it because there was something wrong with the internet connection when I sent it !

  2. I love these pictures, and I know exactly EXACTLY how you feel.

    1. awh thanks Eryn, I'm glad somebody does...

  3. I love your pictures. That Bob Dylan shirt is rad. To bad the store is like only in certain places. San Francisco seems fun, I want to go now!


  4. I like these pictures so much. :) I think those shirts are cute, too! I feel like a lot of things get shunted to the side because the're "mainstream" and who wants to be mainstream? but if you like something and acknowledge it I personally think it's a lot cooler than trying really hard to be different for the sake of being different.
    I know what you mean about being inspired...I think it's something about winter. The cold and darkness always gets me down. Anyway, I hope your inspiration comes back. :)

  5. I know what you mean about this whole fashionability thing and increasingly I've been thinking so much about it, in fact I did this entire long explanatory post about it. But I felt clearer afterwards.
    These snow pictures are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! For simple 'out and about lately' pictures they amaze me. Looks like a dream.

  6. I can so relate to parts of this post. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I hope that this cheers you up because your blog is amazing <3 Here's the post that explains what you need to do:

  7. Don't worry! Really, your blog is great! You are very good photographer :) i'm envy of your trip in san francisco, those pictures are very nice !


  8. I live just outside of San Francisco! The Goodwill in the Haight is my favorite ever. I'm so so so jealous of your Doc Martens, I've wanted those for ages. And those pictures of the snow are gorgeous!


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