I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and cafés.


     This weekend my family (and my sister's best friend Iris- practically family) went to Hovenweep National park for my sister's birthday. It's only a couple of hours away and was really beautiful; I forgot how much I love the desert while living in Germany!

      Of course I had to bring appropriate clothing to do photo shoots....here are some pictures that either me or Iris took.

      Just ignore me trying to look serious and pretty, it doesn't work.

 DIY everything actually...well the shirt and skirt were "upcycled" or whatever you want to call them...and the shoes are from H&M. I wish I could have worn better ones but you know, hiking and nice shoes....meehhh.

 Iris being cute in one of my flower crowns

 posing in a slot canyon, OH YEA! 
shorts- diy
shirt- Forever 21
 More posing. Wow. No modeling carrer in my future...


smore cones!!! 

 cutiepies <3

       I'm very horrible at posting often because of my previously mentioned procrastinating skills and all the homework I've had...high school really is much more difficult than middle. Also, I've been reading Sarah's Key- a reallyyy great book, but super sad- and my Rookie Yearbook that I got a couple of weeks ago.
      Surprisingly...I haven't even been on tumblr very much lately! I don't know if anybody saw....but, um....PETRA COLLINS FOLLOWS ME HELL YIAAAAAA GURRRL! Cough, cough...
      So now I'm gonna read the new Rookie article and watch the X Factor.



  1. Great photos! Definitelly, you enjoy life! :D
    I'm your new follower! I hope you follow me back as well. Kiss!!!


    1. thank you for the follow and everything! And of course I"ll follow you back :) xx

  2. Love the first one! Ooohh good for you. I freaked out like that when a certain tulletulle started following me :)
    I just read your last post, and, are you originally from Berlin?

    Eryn xx

    1. errrrmygerrrrdddd Tavi follows you?!?!?!?!?!?! That's amazing, I'm so jealous!

      Yes and No. I"m originally from Colorado but I lived in Berlin for the past two years which was really great :)

      Lydia x

  3. aww I love your flower crowns :)) x

    1. awh thank you!!! These are the most dramatic ones from all the ones I've made...making them is so addicting! hahah x


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