I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and caf├ęs.


I miss Berlin. Europe in general. My friends. Everything.

Here are some pictures of things I miss, but also fit into the fall/winter vibe that I'm easing into. All pictures are mine/ of me.

 I miss finding ├╝bercool graffiti everywhere.

 I miss the subway and the architecture.

 ...the "photoautomats" and girls wearing shorts with tights.

 ...things that haven't changed in years.

 ...riding the train through the German countryside.

 ...street trolley lines.

 ...buzzing the doorbell, having to search for the right name.

 ...frequent trips to Prague, where it seems that it is always grey and cold but oh, so, so, beautiful.

 ...the old and the new.

 ...bridges full of locks inscribed with the initials of lovers.

 ...century-old art.

 ...staring at the building across the street from where we stay in Prague.

Just look at those colors! 

 I miss riding the subway to school and meeting my friends here^^

 ...going onto Mascha's roof at sunset

 ...My crazy-weird-gorgeous friends (mascha, me)

 ...taking pictures together.

 Scan of a picture my mom took in '95 from the Arc de Triump in Paris

 More scans from Paris that I"m just obsessed with!

 Me and our cat Lucy <3

Sunflowers in the winter?

Anyways. Although I've met some great people here I miss my friends in Berlin so much it's nearly unbearable. I really, really hope Mascha can come for a few months this spring. I need somebody I can really connect with.



  1. I just drifted through your 'blog blog'. Miss you Lydia get your ass to Berlin.
    Your blog blog is amazing damn I'm dying.

    1. IQRRRRAAAA ahahah "blog blog" :D yeaaaa i fucking miss it :( and you of course :) Lavv yaaaa <3


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