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          The fact that summer is practically over is the most depressing thing ever. Although it's still blistering hot here, the whole summer vibe seems to have blown away. So currently, I am stuck in this purgatory of "end of summer" and "not knee sock and sweater weather" that is driving me insane and messing with my head, which typically organizes things by vibes/what flowers are blooming! I actually wouldn't even be too distressed if it decided to get cold. Like I said, at least I could wear my denim jacket and sweaters and knee socks and my hair down. 
          Here I put together some pictures from tumblr that sort of express what I'm feeling- slightly teen witch, back to school, and just being tired of the heat. Notice all the roses and roller skates. Sources can be found on my tumblr.

 Tavi looks like me trying to be witchy but it's obviously extremely hot and she's depressed.

 neglected pool=tired of summer

           So that's all for now...I haven't been posting at all because of the constant stream of homework being thrown at me and my new obsession with sewing. This is basically me right now...

legit. x


  1. Super cute! Today was my first day of school and... ugh. I too dislike said in betweend days.

    fashionfledge.tumblr.com (in cause you were interested)

    1. First days of school are never to pleasant...at least not for me...and of course I love your blog! How do you get so many comments? I'm envious :( Is there any way to follow you? If not can you maybe add a widget? x

    2. Why thank you Lydia! I comment on a ton of blogs, leaving my url. But I think if you don't search for it too much it will come. I mean, get yourself out there, but the less you think about it and dwell, the better! I think you can copy and paste my url into 'Add Blog' on your blogger dashboard.. . I think I should add one though, this isn't the first time I've been asked. Email me so we can be friends. xx -Eryn
      P.S I did get bangs and you should too! I'm quite happy with them (post coming up soon!).

    3. We so should be friends haha :) I'll email you quickly now. I can't wait to see your bangs! x

  2. These photos are so beautiful!!! I love the neglected pool:) it is so weird to hear everyone talking about summer being over because it is spring here and I am almost on school holidays.
    Have fun with your homework!!!

    1. Thank you! hahaha it is weird to think that you are just starting what we are just ending. x

  3. Could not have been said better. I hate this strange feeling and hope these days will be over soon... We still have holidays which I think makes it even worse because there is NOTHING to do. I am really looking forward to fall now... (gosh. I never thought I would say something like that. Fall is cold.)
    The pictures are so beautiful! I love rookie shoots :))


    1. Rookie shoots are the best <3 I was surprised to catch myself wanting fall as well...I hate the cold usually but right now I want it! x


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