I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and caf├ęs.


So yesterday I was trying to figure out another word for miscellaneous while writing something for English...and found the word "salmagundi". Apparently it means "a miscellaneous collection" so I thought it would work perfectly for the title of this post. Here it goes:

1) I got bangs!! I actually like to call them "a fringe" like my little British bestie Ella does because I just adore everything british (Emma Watson, Sherlock, biscuits, Primark...come on people!). Anyways, back to the point....

ahhhhh just look at me seductively posing for photobooth...I do like how they turned out though!!!

2) Sadly, I haven't been keeping up with any of the fashion weeks around the world...but I did stumble across this video the other day and just love the whole collection! I don't feel like completely reviewing it right now, but check out the two-toned lip, big round sunnies, checks, transparent jackets, the mirrored patterns, stripes...

3) What was I going to post...ummm well I can't think of it, oh well. I guess this post wan't very long...

byyyyeeee x


  1. AHHHHHHH you got bangs!!! YAY! They look great. I'm glad you decided to get them!!!!

    1. thanks love <3 I'm glad I did too! :D x


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