I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and cafés.


You know, just some ~vibes~ 

All pictures are from tumblr except the last one, which I took last year in Berlin
...I know some of the sources but I"m too lazy at the moment and should be doing homework.

I"m depressed looking at some of your photos because none of my friends here read Rookie (even though I told them about it it's not the same you know? They don't really get it.). They are some girls at school that look like ~Rookies~ and wear peter pan collars and grandma skirts but I don't really want to just go up to them and be all "Hey gurl I like your shoes. Just wondering, do you read Rookie?" because I don't even know if they are in my grade and argggg why is life so hard this is such a long sentence but oh well what do you lovelies think? 

But really, I haven't taken any pictures of anyone besides my little sister and her friends in like 3 months.

I take that back, today Clare and Lily and I ate lunch in a tree by school and I took some pictures with my disposable.


And everybody thinks that my style is just a German thing and I'm like "NO okay look there are other people in the U.S. that where tights under shorts okay? OKAY?"

So I'm sortaaa freaking out.

What to do, what to do.



    Ok think of it this way... If they ARE Rookies, or people like Rookies who have not heard of Rookie, they probably would want some cool Rookie cultured girl to go say hi, cause you would, and maybe you'll be friends, and maybe they're too shy to say hi to you, and it never hurts.

    1. awhh eryn I love youuuuu <3 Too bad we don't go to the same school haha :P Yea I'm going to try tomorrow if I see one. Really. Yes. I am. Probably. Maybe. I'LL TRY.

      Thanks for the support sweetheart <3

  2. Ummm soooo I agree with you two^ (;
    And I'm having the exact same problem. Except I haven't seen anyone remotely Rookie-y at my 100% Americana school....sigh. No one there really gets me, which is sad time pour moi. I wish I went to school with Tavi hehe.

    Also the last picture should be on Tumblr, it's pretty perfect.

    Greta xoxo

    1. awh Greta :( There really isn't anybody in Seattle?? Yea, my school is also suppperrr americano and very sports-oriented, which sucks for me cause I really don't like sports :( I have friends but like you said, they don't really get me :P

      Wouldn't that be amazing, to be like, real life friends with Tavi before she was famous?

      The last picture is on tumblr, on my "mine" page I think :)


  3. inspiring pictures! and im kind of in the same position, i wish i had friends that share my interests but no. and my school is so small that i basically know everyone there so im just kind of going crazy because i need rookie friends. if u know what i mean. and i agree with eryn, you should do that. maybe start the conversation by saying that you like their clothes etc. sorry this was a bit of an angsty-full comment!


    1. never apologize for being angsty-full! I'm glad to hear that other girls don't have Rookie friends! x


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