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Surprise! I'm posting after only two days! I'm being lazy and bored right now and drinking tea even though I feel really hyper because that's just how much of a looser I am. Yeaaaaa. Anyways, here are some sort of random pictures/scans (MORE SCANS?) from the past few days.

Let's start off with some very un-artistic photos I took on the way to my grandma's house. And yea, I know it's gorgeous where I live and blah, blah, blah, but it's soooo extremely boring and omg I won't even start with all my complaints. 

Then we have some some photos of another one of my shelves...this one sort of has an artsy/travel theme. From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. The Art and Photo Books that my parents have had forever, they are supercool because each page has a different artist's/photographer's little biography and one of their pieces
  2. A little bowl filled with seashells, sea glass, coins, a marble, and a barbie boot that I found on a beach in Israel
  3. Five National Geographics (1960, 61, 62, 64, and 65) that I got in the free box of my favorite antique store that went out of business :( 
  4. A painting I did a month or so ago
  5. A photograph my grandparents brought back from France that I just adore
  6. I piece of what my sister and I named "sea tile" after finding tons in Italy. I'll do a post sometime with pictures of all of these little beach findings!
  7. A little globe I got a few years ago at the World Market in Boulder
  8. A really amazing little book called "Sara Midda's South of France- A Sketch Book" filled with the most gorgeous little watercolors and descriptions. My mom gave it to my dad in '91 but I stole it from their bookshelf.
  9. A postcard from Berlin with an abstract drawing of the TV tower

Here are some scans from the National Geographics...

 love this so much for some reason...

 ahhhh old advertisements! :')

my scanner is too small and double pages don't fit, sadly

And some scans from the amazing sketchbook!

Gorgeous right? Sorry for all the of the extra-large pictures, I just had to though. 

I really love all you girls in this little network of random Rookies we have going on here hahaha :) 



  1. I love your national geographic scans! I wish I scanned mine but I'm too lazy and hack them up into separate images to collage with before I stop and think about even doing that. <3 <3 <3


    1. Thank you! Mine will become collages soon as well...xx

  2. I really like your scans...All my favorite photos are like Hollies, hacked into bits in collages.


    1. Thank you! yea, I'm sure mine will be too before long! xx

  3. Ohhh you are so lucky! Here in Vietnam I can never find something wonderful like that :( I would love to hang them on my wall :-<

    Oh and it seems like you read Rookie too? :D

    1. Awh I"m sure there are tons of amazing things in vietnam though!!

      Yes, I read Rookie...have been since the very first day haha :)



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