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HEY GUYZ i know it's been forever and I"m not even going to apologize because I was, you know, spending time with family and shiz like that. Plus I just haven't had anyyyy good ideas for posts lately and yea.

So how was everybody's Thanksgiving breaks? (if you live in the US...) I went to boulder, this hipster college town 6 hours away and went shopping and FINALLY GOT BUBBLE TEA! (I drank it sooo much in Berlin but haven't had it since we moved and I've been having some very serious bubble tea deprivation because they don't have it here. If you don't know what it is, look it up and find a store near you. make sure it's the popping bubble kind and not the black tapioca ones. ewww). I hung out with my friend Julia who lives there and I hadn't seen in two and a half YEARS. So that was nice! What I bought:

  1. High waisted jeans...finally! The last pair I had ripped :( 
  2. A pretty quilt that was on sale at Urban Outfitters
  3. Velvet
  4. 2 pairs of velvet pants from a thrift store
  5. a dress from H&M
  6. This knit braided headband thing from H&M 
  7. fuzzy over-the-knee socks
  8. vintage scarfs that I wear in my hair allll the time
Annnnnd that's it. 

 the jeans and headband...yup. 

 DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN TAKE PICS THROUGH A KALEIDOSCOPE? yea! My friend and I spent at least and hour in this realllyyy awesome toy store and you know..

I made this skirt on saturday out of some cheap velvet I bought. It was reallyyyy easy! I looked up various tutorials but none of them were perfect for me, so I sorta just winged it...I can do a whole post if anybody wants :) I also made some bows, which are suppperr duper easy. 

I also made black, high-waisted velvet shorts from one pair of the pants, and with the other I made leggings. I really like the shorts but the leggings aren't stretchy and therefore aren't very comfy :( 

I will hopefully develope some film tomorrow so you can look forward to seeing those photos...if any turn out well! 


P.S. You better by nice and comfy and have a lot of time, because you just nneeeeeedddd to listen to this whole thing. Now. and then come over so we can cry together. 

P.P.S. Sorry for the weird scattered capitalized-ness of this whole post, I should probably go to bed.


  1. Wow ok you have to give me tips on how to make that velvet skirt. It is too stellar. By the wat I had bubble tea with the tapioca bubble, super gross to say the least.

    1. hahaha oki well when I make another one I'll post all of the steps! And yea...the tapioca bubbles are nassstttyyy but if you can find the popping kind you should try it! :) xx


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