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So today I was in a horrible mood. I don't really know why, just that I was up late last night doing English homework, and then this morning I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR and everything looked horrible on, and then I took too long deciding what to wear and just threw on a sweater and then didn't have enough time to pack a lunch and then i got a bad grade on a biology test and then this guy I sorta liked is going out with someone and yea. and I'm not even on my period. wow. sorry bout all that.

anyways here are some wintery/simple photos from my tumblr. they are not the summery california vintage vibes that i usually reblog but it's just that time of year i guess...

 let's hope.



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  1. I understand the terrible mood thing. Lately it's surrounded me so much, 'like a cloud,' my friend said. I actually think so many people have been in terrible moods. And then the smallest things can happen to change it. Today I was in a better mood. You just have to find little things, I think!
    Eryn xx


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