I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and cafés.

Let's go...

drink a coffee...

...and watch the sun set.


So yesterday I was trying to figure out another word for miscellaneous while writing something for English...and found the word "salmagundi". Apparently it means "a miscellaneous collection" so I thought it would work perfectly for the title of this post. Here it goes:

1) I got bangs!! I actually like to call them "a fringe" like my little British bestie Ella does because I just adore everything british (Emma Watson, Sherlock, biscuits, Primark...come on people!). Anyways, back to the point....

ahhhhh just look at me seductively posing for photobooth...I do like how they turned out though!!!

2) Sadly, I haven't been keeping up with any of the fashion weeks around the world...but I did stumble across this video the other day and just love the whole collection! I don't feel like completely reviewing it right now, but check out the two-toned lip, big round sunnies, checks, transparent jackets, the mirrored patterns, stripes...

3) What was I going to post...ummm well I can't think of it, oh well. I guess this post wan't very long...

byyyyeeee x


     This weekend my family (and my sister's best friend Iris- practically family) went to Hovenweep National park for my sister's birthday. It's only a couple of hours away and was really beautiful; I forgot how much I love the desert while living in Germany!

      Of course I had to bring appropriate clothing to do photo shoots....here are some pictures that either me or Iris took.

      Just ignore me trying to look serious and pretty, it doesn't work.

 DIY everything actually...well the shirt and skirt were "upcycled" or whatever you want to call them...and the shoes are from H&M. I wish I could have worn better ones but you know, hiking and nice shoes....meehhh.

 Iris being cute in one of my flower crowns

 posing in a slot canyon, OH YEA! 
shorts- diy
shirt- Forever 21
 More posing. Wow. No modeling carrer in my future...


smore cones!!! 

 cutiepies <3

       I'm very horrible at posting often because of my previously mentioned procrastinating skills and all the homework I've had...high school really is much more difficult than middle. Also, I've been reading Sarah's Key- a reallyyy great book, but super sad- and my Rookie Yearbook that I got a couple of weeks ago.
      Surprisingly...I haven't even been on tumblr very much lately! I don't know if anybody saw....but, um....PETRA COLLINS FOLLOWS ME HELL YIAAAAAA GURRRL! Cough, cough...
      So now I'm gonna read the new Rookie article and watch the X Factor.



I miss Berlin. Europe in general. My friends. Everything.

Here are some pictures of things I miss, but also fit into the fall/winter vibe that I'm easing into. All pictures are mine/ of me.

 I miss finding übercool graffiti everywhere.

 I miss the subway and the architecture.

 ...the "photoautomats" and girls wearing shorts with tights.

 ...things that haven't changed in years.

 ...riding the train through the German countryside.

 ...street trolley lines.

 ...buzzing the doorbell, having to search for the right name.

 ...frequent trips to Prague, where it seems that it is always grey and cold but oh, so, so, beautiful.

 ...the old and the new.

 ...bridges full of locks inscribed with the initials of lovers.

 ...century-old art.

 ...staring at the building across the street from where we stay in Prague.

Just look at those colors! 

 I miss riding the subway to school and meeting my friends here^^

 ...going onto Mascha's roof at sunset

 ...My crazy-weird-gorgeous friends (mascha, me)

 ...taking pictures together.

 Scan of a picture my mom took in '95 from the Arc de Triump in Paris

 More scans from Paris that I"m just obsessed with!

 Me and our cat Lucy <3

Sunflowers in the winter?

Anyways. Although I've met some great people here I miss my friends in Berlin so much it's nearly unbearable. I really, really hope Mascha can come for a few months this spring. I need somebody I can really connect with.



          The fact that summer is practically over is the most depressing thing ever. Although it's still blistering hot here, the whole summer vibe seems to have blown away. So currently, I am stuck in this purgatory of "end of summer" and "not knee sock and sweater weather" that is driving me insane and messing with my head, which typically organizes things by vibes/what flowers are blooming! I actually wouldn't even be too distressed if it decided to get cold. Like I said, at least I could wear my denim jacket and sweaters and knee socks and my hair down. 
          Here I put together some pictures from tumblr that sort of express what I'm feeling- slightly teen witch, back to school, and just being tired of the heat. Notice all the roses and roller skates. Sources can be found on my tumblr.

 Tavi looks like me trying to be witchy but it's obviously extremely hot and she's depressed.

 neglected pool=tired of summer

           So that's all for now...I haven't been posting at all because of the constant stream of homework being thrown at me and my new obsession with sewing. This is basically me right now...

legit. x

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