I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and cafés.


When I'm at home in the afternoon, procrastinating about my homework once again, I love peeking into all our envelopes stuffed with photos-especially the ones of my parents back in the good ole' days when everything was faded and perfect. yep. So today I finally brought up our scanner and scanned some of my favorites. These all have a certain vintage summertime technicolor dreamy vibe that I'm just in love with at the moment, in case you can't tell from my tumblr...

 my mom and her boyfriend in 8th grade! Just look at her hair and dress and gloves and the background color omigod. 

My daddy looking adorable when he was a paper boy
 blue perfection at Big Sur in the early 90's

 perfect roadtrip-y retro-ness 
 mom in high school. those bangs...

 mom and her older brother. the colors. speechless. 
My grandma, her brother and somebody else....

 Me and a friend being cute

Anyways. Not that anyone reads this blog but sorry I haven't been posting. I've been trying to make friends (hahaha) and survive gym class (there are these huge senior guys that could probably crush me!). My mom wants me to do a sport. Yeah, right. There is no way I'm doing anything that involves running or getting sweaty. 

I just remembered that tomorrow is picture day at school. If only I could look like my 5...then I might look forward to it! 


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  1. I read your blog. I started my own two months ago and I know it's hard. It's very depressing to see how many clicks you have sometimes. But I think, it will get better! I love blogging, although I have not many clicks. But everytime I get one, or a cute comment, I'm like YAY BLOGGING IS AWESOME! You will soon make friends, for sure. Blogging is awesome. Keep up the good work, cutie!



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