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Lovely Katia tagged me for the.....


  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves
  •  Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated to answer
  • Choose 11 people and link them in your post
  •  Go to their page and tell them
  •  No tag backs

11 things about myself: 

1) I lived in a town at 9305 feet (2,836 meters) with less than 600 people living there till I was almost 7. (Silverton Colorado, look it up it's pretty gorgeous but hella boring) 

2) I've never watched the entire movie Titanic. I know, I know, I will sometime.

3) I lived in Berlin, Germany for 2 years and can speak German quite well. (Liebster is actually german for sweetheart haha :) )

4) I watched all 9 hours of Sherlock in less than 24 hours this summer...then watched it all again, and again, and...again!

5) I am really self conscious about my super hairy arms

6) I have been to 15 countries and counting on 5 different continents (USA, germany, mexico, france, costa rica, italy, the vatican, greece, morocco, israel, the czech republic, austria, poland, malaysia, indonesia)

7) I can laugh for hours on end. Literally you have no idea. 

8) I'm borderline ambidextrous- when I broke my wrist I was in an art camp and painted a picture of a butterfly with my left hand that was actually quite good, and I write with my left hand quite a bit!

9) I'm an agnostic Jew, meaning I don't necessarily believe in God but do believe that there is some greater power out there, and my family celebrates major Jewish holidays but open presents on christmas. It's confusing I know. 

10) my mom's grandparents were holocaust survivors, which allowed us to get our german citizenships because of some new law. It's a really long interesting story about their escape from Nazi Germany, involving abandoned children, bribed guards, shanghai gettos and month long boat trips-maybe I'll write all about it sometime. I was thinking about writing about it and sending it to rookie but I'm wayyy too busy right now :( 

11) I've never had a boyfriend. Probably never will but at least my cats and unicorns and llamas will love me. :') 

Now to answer the questions from Katia:

1) How do you procrastinate?

Well. It's basically what I do 24-7 soooo I've gotten pretty good at it! it usually starts with me getting home from school and thinking "oh i need a quick break before homework lets go on rookie" then blogger...tumblr...pinterest...hey lily's texting me..."hey lily"....talk about guys....maybe i should start homework....google searches whatever then opens some diy website in another tab...spends hours bookmarking pages....wow maybe i should make a blogspot post about all this...notices google search tab...clicks on best result...back to some website. And that goes on for quite a while. 

2) What trend do you despise/just don't get?

hmmm well lots of things that have become too popular or "hipster" etc. galaxy leggings, ombre EVERYTHING, camo jackets (I mean some are okay but really?), uggs, neon everything, embellished jeans (rhinestones..), zebra print, bandeaus with nothing but some little shirt that's basically plastic wrap? yea.

3) What's a habit/belief/superstition from your childhood that you just can't give up?

This is a hard one for me! I don't know...

4) Your favourite candle scent?

jasmin or vanilla cinnamon :)

5) Name one place that is sentimental to you.

Well Berlin, but thats really just because I just moved away I think? Otherwise, probably my grandparents' old house because although I love the farm they live on now, there are lots of great memories from when I was little that took place there and whenever we drive by (they used to live here in durango) it makes me sad :'(

6) What's your getting-ready-in-the-morning routine?

Ready for this? I get up around 7, then usually put on some music/check blogger and facebook. Then I take about a half hour trying to decide what to wear, eat eggs and toast and a smoothie for breakfast (my daddy makes it all for me), change my outfit, pack my schoolbag, brush my teeth/hair, wash face/makeup sometimes, pack a lunch, leave around 8:20 on my bike :) 

7) What are you studying at the moment?

Well I'm just in a pretty normal american high school, so pretty much- math, honors english, biology, 21st century world issues, health, P.E. (I hate it so much you have no idea), art, german- and then for electives I'm taking drawing, film photography, Tech Theatre and intro to journalism. 

8) What do you want to study/do in the future?

Currently I am thinking about fashion photography (key word currently). This question is funny cause my parents and I were just talking about jobs and stuff and how really you're only guaranteed a really good paying job is if it's something in the medical industry, computers or law, all of which I really don't enjoy atm. So who knows really. 

9) What was the last thing you ate, when, where, who with?

I ate these really yummy asian tuna sandwiches that my dad made. Actually, i ate the tuna, because I just got my bottom braces on and they hurt like hellfire. It was at about 6:30 here at my house with my mom, my dad, my sister, and our bird Plato. Yes, the bird was actually on the table, as usual. 

10) A song that describes you perfectly/very very well?

Aaarrrgggg I honestly have no idea! 

11) Which actor or actress would you like to play you in the movie of your life?

Wow. Emma Watson. Definitely Emma Watson. 

I don't know who'se done this/ who hasn't recently....so I'm just going to allow these questions to be up for grabs. Answer as you please!

1) Where do you most want to travel to?
2) Who are your favorite male and female artists? 
3) Which is your favorite photo that you've ever taken? 
4) Favorite quote?
5) celebrity crush?
6) favorite books?
7) childhood film/ series?
8)favorite shop?
9) best ice cream flavor?
10) worst trends? (sorry copying one of katia's)
11)language that you want to learn?



  1. Thanks for doing it, your answers are great!! That stuff about the Holocaust sounds really interesting and I'd definitely read it if you posted it. But I can't believe you're doing TWELVE SUBJECTS. Next year I'm only doing seven! How do you get it all done??

    1. Thanks for the questions! And maybe sometime I"ll write all about that history stuff, hopefully once finals are over! School is definitely tough, but oh well, I guess I like most of the classes I'm taking :P


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