I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and caf├ęs.


Hi :) Decided to actually post something! Enjoy.

New photographer added to my favorites! Such gorgeous wintery vibes that I am officially in love with. 

 pretty and amazing gifs that I'm no obsessed with!

This awesome website that had cheap, cute clothes and adoraaabllleeee jewelry like this collar necklace and the dope ring that I would totes buy if it wasn't sold out :'(

My life.

******This Tumblr post and all the comments are definitely worth reading...it made me sooo mad, and I know all of you amazing feminists will agree.******

 Tavi Dress up game? Hell yes. It makes me so happy that there is a game for little girls like this! I found it while stalking googling Tavi randomly the other day. 

The Mindy Project! Just started watching it last night after reading this article on Rookie and I'm already hooked. Check it out.

 My photo has soooo many notes on tumblr and it's been less than a week since I've posted it! Pretty proud hahaha :) 

 what I"m living by. Yesterday we had a timed writing assessment in Honors English and I was sooo stressed that afterwards I saw my friend Isaac was being picked up by his mom and I asked her If she could bring me home cause they are like my family's best friends and so we went to this burger place and read cosmo and watched new girl and did homework. Ditching school is always worth it. 

fucking in love...<33

Have a great thursday!


OMFG RRawwwww <3 (from the photographer I linked to)


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