I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and cafés.


Some random pictures I took over the last week or so :) 

 Sort of a "What's in my bag thing"...(naturally I added somethings for looks lol)
Kodak Instamatic camera
Pentax 35mm camera
Iam sunglasses
Raffine sketch book
red lipstick
antique jewlery box thing
Meta Morfuß- vintage german children's book that I'm reading hahaha
My wallet, was my great grandmother's
"The Stranger" by Albert Camus- currently reading
sweater from some little boutique around here
Necklace I found in a rental house we were staying in and stole it
vintage scarves

 Handmade velvet skirt and H&M over-the-knees

 part of one of my walls

 Really like this for some reason! Took it up in the mountains 30 min or so away

 My friend Isaac wanted me to come with him to take pictures for his photography class...the light was perfect!

 Awhhhh it's Princess in her favorite place...my bed.

 taking pictures while doing "homework"

 Selfieeesss all da way

 What keeps me movin

 Ahhhhh so yesterday my friend Clare and I went thrifting and then to this bookstore that was packed to the brim full of books (now you know where to find me this winter...) and the lady knew like every book in there and I asked for the virgin suicides and there you go $2 later! <3

 Scored this coat for $4 at a thrift store and the book at the bookstore for $3

 would've taken a better picture but it was late and blahhh...got this shirt cause it has a velvet collar and buttons so it will be good for layering and it's even cute on it's own

 awhhhh ruff. Princess....

Und das is alles. 

Trying to speak German ew no nice try Lydia you suck.



Comments? <3


  1. The Virgin Suicides is such a great book (also a favourite move of mine). Happy reading!

  2. I love your "taking pictures while doing homework"-sweater XXX

  3. Ah, I've been meanign to pick up virgin suicides, any good?

    I like the first shot for some reason, maybe the arrangement? Also the first landscape photograph! It looks like static of a TV, but in an aesthetically pleasing way

  4. Hi! I love your blog! And your an excellent photographer :D
    (Also, I'm a rookie-reading teen, too ^^)

  5. So do you speak/are learning German? Also your dog is adorable, sometimes I would like to read the Virgin Suicides, but to be honest I don't know if it could be better than the movie (a rare thing but in this case may be true!) This is mostly after a friend said it was a bit repetitive to read and bits were taken very directly, report back when you finish reading it!

    1. Yea...well I lived in Germany for two years and learned a lot of German there, but now that I've been in the US it's just getting worse and worse :( I haven't started the Virgin Suicides yet, but I also thought about the fact that it wouldn't be as good as the movie, but oh well it's worth a try :) I"ll definitely let you guys know once I finish!


  6. I love your skirt do much. There is something very festive about velvet I think, and that colour is absolutely sick!! I also like your room, I always think its really interesting tO see what peoples rooms look like (In a non creepy way.

  7. Those photos are incredible. I'm also kind of in love with your wall, not just the stuff on it but the wall itself too. Yeeaaaah that's not odd at all. And I actually would love to learn German. You're so lucky to have lived there! I have this list of languages I want to learn which is probably a bit ridiculous because learning languages isn't like learning to cook or something, IT TAKES A LONG TIME. But I don't know why I've always had this thing for German, the way many people are in love with French.
    Also just letting you know I nominated you for two blogging awards on my blog which you can check out if you want! xx

  8. Great pictures! I love that first one.

    <3 Melissa

  9. I just got on your blog and I love your pictures!!!! (and everything else)
    Also, we had to read the Stranger for French and I loved it. Hope you love it too :)
    x Joanna

    1. thank you so much!! So far I think the Stranger is such a beautiful book, and I'm sure it will be throughout :) xx

  10. Hi Lydia :D I'm the unknown person who commented a few days ago.
    But anyway, my name is Hollie and I'm 14. I read Rookie, too (like I said above) :)

    I remember a while ago you said you might do a tutorial on your (amazing) skirt?

    Also that little bookstore where you got the Virgin Suicides sounds amazing! I've been looking for that book, too.


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