I like highways, people in museums, the mountains, and cafés.


Hmmm interesting word, but oh well it works. 

Here are some lovely photographs from tumblr that are sort of wintery-ish. 

All sources unknown, sorry!!

 this girl is just sooo gorgeous and her hair and the dress and eyebrows ughhh

 favorite <3

basically me stressing out 


missing europe once again

docs <3 this senior rosie (who has read Rookie!!!) told me that she had some too-small floral ones that i might buy from her!!!

says it all.

love this so much for some reason...

 I really wish this existed

"lady in the subway" so perfect! x

one of the best photographs ever? yes.

perfect winteryness. 100% chance of snow here tomorrow, FINALLY

holiday-esque? idk it's just wonderful.

Dying for that skirt!

I'm just completely obsessed with this for some reason, somebody take me there! It's like an illusion.

vintage glasses <3

What are your favorite things about wintertime?



  1. I loooooove your blog so much. Am following and will add to my blogroll <3 I always think winter looks better in pictures because in reality it's just so cold but Christmas makes it all worthwhile :) x


  2. Those are sooo awesome. I really hate winter, which is unfortunate because I live in Maine, but I love these pics. :)

  3. I desperate needed this today! It goes with my newfound love of winter I developed this morning.


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