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Today I've been sooo bored that I actually persuaded myself to get off of tumblr, stop watching Ellen videos and do something creative.  I did a painted copy of a photograph that I saw somewhere with acrylic paints because I'm sorta horrible at painting and needed practice. It didn't turn out too bad but the blending is outrageous and the colors are off. Thhheeennnn I tried to come up with an outfit for the first day of school...in a week omg so nervous. I hardly know anybody and it's scary. I was not succesful by the way, so if you have any ideas that would be great.

While looking through my closet I came across this shirt I got in the men's section at Cotton On a while ago; it's way too long so I never really wear it. I have been wanting to make a skull cut out shirt for a while now so I finally did that.

My inspiration-unknown source

Me trying to mimik the first picture exactly...sorry for the horrible quality!

 with a bandeau and floral shorts 

the front after I cut off the bottom. Should I cut the neckline/collar? 

Anyways there are sooo many more DIYs that I really want to do but I need to go thrifting and find my glue gun first...


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