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          So today was my first day of high school....and I practically didn't know ANYBODY and so it was sorta was disappointing. I mean, the teachers were all super cool and everybody seemed nice...but they all had friends already and would talk to me for 5 minutes, but then probably decide I was boring and leave. At the very beginning of the day all the freshmen and sophomores had to meet in the gym on the bleachers. Of course i didn't know where to sit so I just sat by some girl because her bangs were pink and she looked cool....but obviously she was a sophomore and barely talked to me.
          And thennn for the rest of the day we just had to sit around and talk about the school's goal or do some stupid activities. There was one girl that had cute oxfords on and really pretty curly almost white hair and we hung out quite a bit, but she still kept on going back to her friends. She is in a few of my classes so that's good. Also there was a sophomore that was new and didn't have any friends so I sat with her at lunch.
          Tomorrow should be better because I actually have classes. They weren't any girls in flower crowns and saddle shoes that i instantly became best friends with like I had hoped. Oh well...


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