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top and shorts-Primark

     I guess you could call this an "outfit post". These pictures are of me from about a month ago, back in Berlin. My friend Ella is from England and every time she goes there, she always buys the cutest clothes at this store Primark...and then on the train in a different part of Germany I saw somebody with a Primark shopping bag and made my mom take me there. It was sooo packed and so we were literally in there for about 3 hours. And I got 3 tops, shorts, a bikini and a "bikini bag' for only about 35 euros...so I was happy. The belt I found in some thrift store's 50 cent bin. I like that it can get so tight because I have to punch holes in most belts. 
     I know, i said that I would hardly ever post, and now I'm posting twice in one day...just don't count on this happening too often. 



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